Midgets win again, Burwick takes all-around

Dickinson freshman Brogan Burwick's new dismount on the uneven parallel bars is very risky. But with risk comes reward. Burwick's blind landing ended with a slight stumble, but the reward was intact as she tied for second place, which helped her ...

Dickinson freshman Brogan Burwick's new dismount on the uneven parallel bars is very risky.

But with risk comes reward.

Burwick's blind landing ended with a slight stumble, but the reward was intact as she tied for second place, which helped her to the top all-around spot at the Glenn Heiser meet Thursday at Dickinson High School.

"Today, I had my best meet," Burwick said.

Burwick didn't win an individual competition, but placed second in the beam and the vault in addition to the bars.


"That move gets more credit, but it's more risky," Dickinson coach Kent Van Ells said. "If you don't make it, then you don't get credit for it."

Burwick made it, finishing with a score of 9.0. Her meet-winning all-around score was 36.560, besting teammate Jennifer Bachamp's runner-up score of 36.375.

Dickinson's Kelsey Dukart (35.625) and Lexi Stickel (35.475), and Bismarck Century's Jessica Nelson (35.475) rounded out the top five.

The Midgets had five of the top six placers in the all-around to propel them to a team score of 146.050, good enough for top honors at the three-team meet. Bismarck High finished second with a score of 138.675 while Century was a girl short and put up 102.75 points.

"We had one of our best meets," Burwick said. "Everyone really hit beam today."

Bismarck's Mackenzie Keidel won the bars with a 9.1. However, the Midgets swept the other three events.

Stickel (9.275) led an assault on the vault, in which the Midgets earned the top three finishers.

"Lexi is incredibly solid on that," Van Ells said.


They also had the top three finishers on the beam, highlighted by Bachamp's impressive first-place score of 9.425.

"She's added a lot to it," Van Ells said of Bachamp's beam performance. "It doesn't always come out the best, but it did today."

Dickinson was most dominant in the floor exercise where Kelsey Dukart earned a first-place tie with Bachamp with a score of 9.550. The Midgets had five of the top six finishers in that event.

The Midgets' point total was its second highest of the year. They have won 10 of 11 meets this season.

Van Ells said he hopes the success at this meet carries over into their next competition, the WDA meet Feb. 16 at Dickinson.

"We feel we're the best team (in the state)," Van Ells said. "We have to go in with that attitude."


Results Thursday


Glenn Heiser Gymnastics Meet

At Dickinson

Team scores: 1, Dickinson, 146.050. 2, Bismarck, 138.675. 3, Century, 102.725.

All around

1, Brogan Burwick, D, 36.650. 2, Jennifer Bachamp, D, 36.375. 3, Kelsey Dukart, D, 35.625. 4(t), Lexi Stickel, D, 35.475. 4(t), Jessica Nelson, C, 35.475. 6, Brooke Sickler, D, 35.375. 7, Mackenzie Keidel, B, 35.350. 8, Melissa Bachamp, D, 35.250. 9, Marie Franzen, D, 35.225. 10, Megan Keidel, B, 34.750. 11, Jennifer Albers, B, 34.525. 12, Chantal Urlacher, D, 34.225. 13, Kristin Jacobchick, C, 33.950. 14, Kristina Nelson, B, 33.900. 15, Treana Horner, C, 33.300. 16, Mckenzie Kostelecky, D, 33.125. 17, Kathryn Pomeroy, B, 31.300. 18, Brooke Hilzendeger, B, 30.175.


1, Stickel, D, 9.275. 2, Burwick, D, 9.200. 3, Dukart, D, 9.125. 4, Albers, B, 9.075. 5, Nelson, C, 9.000. 6, Melissa Bachamp, 8.975. 7, Franzen, D, 8.950. 8(t), Kostelecky, D, 8.925. 8(t), Jacobchick, C, 8.925. 10, Sickler, D, 8.825. 11(t), Megan Keidel, B, 8.700. 11(t), Jennifer Bachamp, D, 8.700. 13, Nelson, B, 8.550. 14, Shalesa Wariner, D, 8.525. 15, Hilzendeger, B, 8.400. 16, Pomeroy, B, 8.300. 17, Mackenzie Keidel, B, 8.250. 18, Urlacher, D, 8.225. 19, Horner, C, 8.200.

Uneven parallel bars


1, Mackenzie Keidel, B, 9.100. 2(t), Burwick, D, 9.000. 2(t), Albers, B, 9.000. 4, Jacobchick, C, 8.900. 5(t), Stickel, D, 8.850. 5(t), Sickler, D, 8.850. 7(t), Kostelecky, D, 8.800. 7(t), Urlacher, D, 8.800. 9(t), Dukart, D, 8.750. 9(t), Nelson, B, 8.750. 11(t), Jennifer Bachamp, D, 8.700. 11(t), Nelson, C, 8.700. 11(t), Franzen, D, 8.700. 14, Megan Keidel, B, 8.600. 15, Melissa Bachamp, D, 8.300. 16, Horner, C, 8.200. 17, Pomeroy, B, 8.150. 18(t), Hilzendeger, B, 8.100. 18(t), Wariner, D, 8.100.

Balance beam

1, Jennifer Bachamp, D, 9.425. 2, Burwick, D, 9.250. 3(t), Sickler, D, 8.850. 3(t), Mackenzie Keidel, B, 8.850. 5, Megan Keidel, B, 8.750. 6(t), Urlacher, D, 8.650. 6(t), Stickel, D, 8.650. 8, Melissa Bachamp, D, 8.625. 9, Nelson, C, 8.575. 10, Horner, C, 8.350. 11, Franzen, D, 8.225. 12, Dukart, D, 8.200. 13, Jacobchick, C, 8.175. 14, Albers, B, 8.100. 15, Nelson, B, 7.800. 16, Sierra Roshau, D, 7.525. 17, Kostelecky, D, 7.400. 18, Pomeroy, B, 7.350. 19, Hilzendeger, B, 6.225.

Floor exercise

1(t), Dukart, D, 9.550. 1(t), Jennifer Bachamp, D, 9.550. 3(t), Melissa Bachamp, D, 9.350. 3(t), Franzen, D, 9.350. 5(t), Burwick, D, 9.200. 5(t), Nelson, C, 9.200. 7, Mackenzie Keidel, B, 9.150. 8, Sickler, D, 8.850. 9, Nelson, B, 8.800. 10(t), Stickel, D, 8.700. 10(t), Megan Keidel, B, 8.700. 12(t), Urlacher, D, 8.550. 12(t), Horner, C, 8.550. 14, Wariner, D, 8.500. 15, Albers, B, 8.350. 16, Kostelecky, D, 8.000. 17, Jacobchick, C, 7.950. 18, Pomeroy, B, 7.500. 19, Hilzendeger, B, 7.450.

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