New coffee shop offers a variety of options

When most husbands buy their wives birthday presents, they're usually something like flowers, jewelry or maybe if they're really lucky a nice spa day or vacation.

C & K Sweet Shoppe and Coffee, located in the Logo Magic parking lot and across the street from Wendy’s, is pictured on Thursday.

When most husbands buy their wives birthday presents, they're usually something like flowers, jewelry or maybe if they're really lucky a nice spa day or vacation.

However, Christina Simon's husband, Rob, went for something a little bit different: a business.

"He (Rob) bought me a job," Christina said with a laugh. "He bought me a job that says you'll be up every day at 4 in the morning."

C & K Sweet Shoppe and Coffee, located in the Logo Magic parking lot off Third Avenue West in north Dickinson, opened its drive-thru coffee shop on April 22, Christina's birthday, and now the family-run business is in the process of settling into their new business venture.

Christina and her eldest daughter, Kimmie, started C & K Sweet Shoppe, a speciality candy store on Etsy, in 2014. However after Kimmie, whom the K is for, graduated high school and got married, it's mostly just become about the 'C': Christina and coffee.


The coffee shop is open from 5:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturdays, and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sundays. While the hours can make for some very long days, Christina said she's normally at the shop about 13 hours a day with opening and cleanup. Christina's children, Brayden and Megan, are often in the shop helping out their parents and trying to come up with new drinks.

Rob said that while running a business can be exciting, it's also a little time consuming. He said that you can't blame someone else from decisions made from above you either if something goes wrong.

"It can be fun and it can be tiring," Rob said. "But at one point, if you fail or you succeed it's up to you."

C & K Sweet Shoppe and Coffee offers Dickinson residents a variety of choices for people of all tastes.

There are frappes, which contain very little caffeine, as well as "chargers" for those who need that extra jolt to get their day. They also have different types of tea and smoothies.

Christina said if there isn't something on the menu that people would like, they're always up for making custom drinks to help satisfy taste buds. She said they're even willing to order flavors for people if requested.

Rob said one of their favorite drinks is the birthday cake frappe because of its significance to when they opened.

They also offer a huckleberry drink, which Megan said is something that many people haven't really heard of or tried until they've gone through their drive-thru.


"I think it's a flavor that no one's ever really tried before," Megan said. "We kind of really make it a suggestion."

She said that it's difficult to get a unique experience when bigger coffee shops run by corporations can't deviate from their menu much.

"Their prices are absolutely set in stone," Christina said. "Their flavor choices are set in stone. Any kind of pastry or anything that you go in there and get has been shipped to them pre-made. But, you get into those smaller shops and you can have those things that are a lot more choices."

The shop also offers freshly made cupcakes, muffins and breakfast burritos each day, among other snacks. People can also order cupcakes at the window for special occasions like birthdays, baby showers and weddings.

Christina and her family got started in the coffee business by helping out some of their friends with their coffee shop when they lived in Wyoming, where Rob and Christina are originally from, a few years ago.

The Simons moved to Dickinson about two years ago and then went on to take over the space they reside in now when they decided to work out a deal with their friends who had owned The Rock Espresso, which previously occupied the hut.

"It just kind of came down to the wire where they needed someone to come in and run it and take it," Christina said. "We kind of cut a deal and said 'OK'. We decided on a Sunday and took over on Friday."

Aside from her daily routine of making drinks and muffins, Christina also enjoys giving back to the community. The C & K crew is often out at local events, such as the Bark in the Park earlier this month.


They also donated their entire tip jar to a woman in Minot who is fighting cancer.

Christina said she enjoys being a part of the community because it gives them a chance to get their name out and it helps build relationships with people in Dickinson.

"If you're going to be a part of the community, then you've got to give to the community also," she said. "If someone needs help, you want to be there to help them. But at the same time there a lot of people out there that if you need help, they're going to be there to help you too."

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