Nexus-Path award Richardton-Taylor School for foster care efforts

United Way of Dickinson and Nexus-Path collaborated to give a community collaboration award to Richardton-Taylor Schools for all of their hard work with foster kids and foster parents.

Richelle Schmaltz, social work case manager for Nexus-Path, presents award to Richardton-Taylor Superintendent Kelly Peters Friday afternoon. (Jackie Jahfetson/The Dickinson Press)

Nexus-Path visited Richardton-Taylor High School to present the teachers and Superintendent Kelly Peters with a community collaboration award for all of their hard work with foster kids and foster parents.

“Richardton-Taylor High School has given our kids so many things. It was an awesome experience to give something back. Our school is phenomenal,” Foster parent Kim Fugere said. “They’re truly, truly invested in our kids.”

Fugere has been a foster parent for 30 years, and notes that it is an awarding experience.

“We always remember that they’re someone else’s children and it’s a privilege for us to have them. That’s the attitude we take when kids come into our home. We’re invited into their family life just like we invite them into ours,” Fugere added.

Over the course of a year, Nexus-Path helps out 20 to 24 kids each year.


“We just need to show our appreciation for the school and have them be able to hear what that we know and understand all the work that they’ve put in to helping kids, not just our foster kids but all the kids in this community. They are absolutely amazing,” Social Case Work Manager Richelle Schmaltz of Nexus-Path said.

Nexus-Path is hoping to raise awareness on this topic and for others to get involved in foster parenting.

Kim Fugere (second to left) talks about the importance of foster care and how teachers play a big role in children's' live during a special award presentation Friday afternoon, where three members from Nexus-Path presented an award to Richardton-Taylor School. (Jackie Jahfetson/The Dickinson Press)

Jackie Jahfetson is a former reporter for The Dickinson Press.
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