Press Pass: Fossil dig, Beach man charged with murder, High Chapparral hopes to make its mark north of Dickinson

Here's some of our top stories from Thursday's edition. It's your Press Pass to some of the best stories we bring you every day. Want your Press Pass fast? Sign up for our email alerts. North Dakota paleontologists provide public fossil digs in s...


Here’s some of our top stories from Thursday’s edition. It’s your Press Pass to some of the best stories we bring you every day.

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North Dakota paleontologists provide public fossil digs in state

Fossils are a small connection to the past world. The remnants of a once-alive animal or organism paints a picture of what life might have looked like millions of years ago.


Paleontologists work to paint that picture as accurately as possible.

Because of the North Dakota Geological Survey, along with public help, the picture is getting a little more clear.

The NDGS holds public fossil digs every year to unearth the treasures untouched for millions of years.

The High Chaparral hopes to make its mark on north Dickinson property

A local businessman is about to launch a new venture at a property that’s seen its fair share of turnover.

The High Chaparral is holding a grand opening on July 1, nearly a year after Bob Tuttle, the venue’s sole operator, started working on the property to get it ready to handle events like weddings and concerts, along with a regular bar clientele.

The property, located just about eight miles north of Dickinson, isn’t new to the local business scene. One management cycle ago, the farm-style plot was the Boars Nest, owned by a Fisher Group subsidiary known as Great Western Builders. Before that, it was the independently owned Joy Haven and hosted many weddings and get-togethers.

Commission kills ‘interested party’ definition


A proposal to limit who can comment at oil and gas hearings “got the ax” after the public overwhelmingly opposed it.

The North Dakota Industrial Commission had considered adding a definition of “interested party” to the state’s oil and gas statutes related to who could appear at certain hearings or submit comments.

The proposal defined an interested part as “an individual or number of individuals that have a property ownership or management interest in or adjacent to the subject matter.”

More than 85 members of the public spoke out against the proposal at hearings or submitted written comments in opposition. That definition was removed from a set of new oil and gas rules approved unanimously Wednesday by the North Dakota Industrial Commission.

Beach man charged with murder

A Beach man has been charged with murdering another man three weeks after he allegedly shot him in the head.

Though details about the incident are slim, court documents state Gabriel Alexander Castro, 22, shot Richard Young, 24, also of Beach, on June 6 with a 1911 model .45-caliber pistol.

Young died from his injuries on June 10 in a Bismarck hospital.


Castro was officially charged with Class AA felony murder on June 24, the day he made his initial appearance in Southwest District Court, and is being held on $500,000 bond at the Southwest Multi-County Correctional Center in Dickinson. If convicted, he faces life in prison.

Police Blotter: $15,000 in equipment, tools stolen from Fidelity Exploration

An employee of Fidelity Exploration reported to the Stark County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday morning that more than $15,000 in equipment and items were missing from one of their industrial yards on 39th Street Southwest about four miles west of South Heart.

Missing were several hundred feet of industrial electric cable, a 3,000-watt Honda generator, handheld radios and various tools.

Between $7,000 and $12,000 of cable -- priced at $12.80 a foot -- was reported stolen.

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