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Here's some of our top stories from Friday's edition. It's your Press Pass to some of the best stories we bring you every day. Want your Press Pass fast? Sign up for our email alerts. Nigerian artist paints mural on New England's St. Mary's Catho...


Here’s some of our top stories from Friday’s edition. It’s your Press Pass to some of the best stories we bring you every day.

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Nigerian artist paints mural on New England’s St. Mary’s Catholic Church

St. Mary’s Catholic Church in New England has tarp and equipment outside of its building, but it’s not for construction.


The church is in the midst of having a large-scale mural painted on its facade.

Nigerian artist Dotun Popoola has been in New England since last week working on his latest piece.

“I always tell myself that I was called to preach the message of hope and speak divine truth with accent of love,” he said. “And make my generation happy. So whenever I work, I always want people to look at it and smile. A smile could save a life.”

Dickinson Fire Department celebrates 125th anniversary

Dickinson Fire Department Chief Bob Sivak said he likes to remind his fire crews to remember the ghosts of the department’s past to better understand its modern-day culture.

To bolster the message, Sivak points to a faint, ghostly image of a firefighter standing at attention in a framed picture of the 2007 Dickinson Elks Lodge fire that hangs in his office. Though the image is the result of a double exposure rather than anything supernatural, the lesson is especially fitting today, on the fire department’s 125th birthday.

Sivak explained that the original department, an all-volunteer crew known as the Dickinson Hose Co., was recognized in 1891 by the state of North Dakota.

Exec: Davis Refinery not affected by Dakota Prairie Refinery sale


The company trying to build an oil refinery just three miles from Theodore Roosevelt National Park in Billings County isn’t slowing down its efforts, even after the Dakota Prairie Refinery sold at a loss earlier this week.

Thomas Johnson, chief operating officer of California-based Meridian Energy Group, said Tuesday’s sale of the Dickinson diesel refinery doesn’t affect his company’s goal of building the Davis Refinery, which would process 55,000 barrels of Bakken crude a day.

Some see turnout for Williston auction as ‘sign of optimism’

Bidding was competitive Thursday as auctioneers sold off 23 vacant lots owned by Halliburton in Williston.

Twenty-one residential lots in Williston’s Harvest Hills neighborhood sold for between $30,000 and $40,000 each.

Williams County listed the value of the residential lots as between $50,000 and $70,000 in 2015.

Tom Rolfstad, Williston’s former economic development director, said the sale prices went higher than he expected.

Insight - June 30th


On this week's Insight, Dustin Monke and Brock White discuss the murder case currently going on in Beach and sit down with Parker Cotton, the new Dickinson Press sports editor.

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