Press Pass: Sanford Health to acquire Great Plains Clinic, One dead in workover rig fire, Police Blotter

Here's some of our top stories from Tuesday's edition. It's your Press Pass to some of the best stories we bring you every day. Want your Press Pass fast? Sign up for our email alerts. Sanford Health working to acquire Great Plains Clinic Sanford...


Here’s some of our top stories from Tuesday’s edition. It’s your Press Pass to some of the best stories we bring you every day.

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Sanford Health working to acquire Great Plains Clinic

Sanford Health’s footprint in Dickinson is about to expand.


The health care organization is working toward an agreement with the locally owned Great Plains Clinic that would add the clinic’s facility and five of its medical providers to Sanford’s operations in town.

Oil worker from Wyoming killed in McKenzie County workover rig fire, 3 others injured

One worker has died and three were injured in a fire at a McKenzie County oil well site over the weekend, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration said Monday.

Crews were working on a workover rig on a well about 8 miles east of Watford City when the well ignited about 8:30 a.m. Saturday, said Eric Brooks, director of the Bismarck area OSHA office.

City Commission discusses $93 million debt load

Dickinson has some debts to pay.

The city is carrying almost $93 million in municipal debt-approximately $60 million of which is due to oil impacts-and is on track to pay it off by 2033, according to a long-term debt report presented to the City Commission by City Administrator Shawn Kessel at its Monday meeting.


Mott-Regent passes $8.7 million school bond issue by thin margin

Mott-Regent is getting a new elementary school and making major improvements to its high school.

The district's school board made that official Monday after a canvassing meeting found that 61 percent of the district's residents voted in favor of the $8.7 million bond referendum. The project needed a 60 percent "yes" vote to pass.

Police Blotter: Man arrested on felony drug, theft charges

A 22-year-old Dickinson man was arrested on felony drug possession and theft charges Thursday afternoon during a sting bust in the Cash Wise Foods parking lot.

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