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Here's some of our top stories from Saturday's edition. It's your Press Pass to some of the best stories we bring you every day. Want your Press Pass fast? Sign up for our email alerts. Pipeline protesters reject 'unlawful' label After a week fre...


Here’s some of our top stories from Saturday’s edition. It’s your Press Pass to some of the best stories we bring you every day.

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Pipeline protesters reject ‘unlawful’ label

After a week free of clashes with law enforcement, protesters of the Dakota Access Pipeline say removal of a roadblock leading to their camp is long overdue, and the American Civil Liberties Union is considering legal action if it doesn’t happen.


For protesters, the roadblock perpetuates what they say is the misconception that their activities are inherently dangerous or violent - a perception many blame on comments made by authorities and state officials and media coverage - as opposed to the peaceful, prayer-heavy demonstrations that take place daily at the camp and construction site.

Benefit being held for Dunn Center teen after reconstructive surgery

The tight-knit community of Dunn Center is coming together to help a teenager who recently graduated from Killdeer High School.

Dakota Brekke, 19, graduated last spring. In July, he suffered major injuries stemming from an assault.

On July 23, Brekke was assaulted in Turtle Lake by two juvenile males who repeatedly attacked him. Friends of Brekke say the assault was unprovoked and that Brekke didn’t know the boys who assaulted him.

ND leaders shift toward willingness to spend Legacy Fund earning


North Dakota leaders are signaling a growing willingness to use earnings from the state’s $3.8 billion Legacy Fund to shore up declining revenues when they craft the budget for next biennium, but just which earnings will be available is still up in the air.

“I’ll tell you right now, I’m counting on the revenue from the Legacy Fund,” Senate Majority Leader Rich Wardner, R-Dickinson, said during a lively panel discussion Thursday as part of the Greater North Dakota Chamber’s daylong Policy Summit in Bismarck.

Dickinson airport recommends United Airlines as Essential Air Service provider

The Dickinson Airport Authority Commission wanted to keep United Airlines at the Theodore Roosevelt Regional Airport, and it will likely get its wish.

The commission voted Friday to recommend the U.S. Department of Transportation accept United’s bid for Essential Air Service.

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