MINOT, N.D. — Dr. Logan Wood has been the veterinarian at Roosevelt Park Zoo in Minot since May 1.

Born and raised in Reno in the Lake Tahoe area in Nevada, he has been interested in science and animals since an early age.

"You name it, I had it as a pet," he said. Growing up, when he wanted a new pet, he said his mother, a teacher, would have him do a report on the specific animal.

"I would have to do a full book report on how to care for these animals, what it would cost, how much time it would take every day, what the diet looks like, what the care looks like. I'd have to do all of that before I could potentially get that animal," he said.

Because he lived on a farm, he said he did get the animals he wanted. "I had llamas, green iguanas, snakes, frogs. I had one frog, an African pixie frog, that was the size of a volleyball. I had dogs, cats and birds. I also had a big-mouthed bass that would jump out of the water and I could hand feed it. I had all these weird, different pets growing up," he laughed.

Wood graduated from the University of Nevada-Reno, then studied abroad in South Africa at the University of Pretoria for two years.

"That's where I really fell in love with conservation and helping out with African animals and wildlife in general," he said. He said his time in Africa geared him more in the direction he wanted to go in his profession.

From there he went to Colorado State for veterinary school. When he graduated from there in 2017 he stayed on with the Livestock Department for an internship in internal medicine and surgery.

During that internship, his major clients included bison and yak producers, some water buffalo clients and he also helped out with a camel dairy and reindeer clients.

After that, he went into private practice in Reno. "I did private practice, which consisted of your regular dogs, cats as well as all the exotics. I was the only person who would see a bird within 40 miles," he said. He was the veterinarian for two small local zoos.

When the position at the Minot zoo opened, "I jumped on it and said, 'Hey, I really want to try something new — might as well try North Dakota,' " he said.