Simply beautiful: Floral shop ready to help customers celebrate each other with gifts from the heart

Flowers can mean a lot. They can bring comfort and joy, can mean love and caring, and are an overall way to say, "I'm thinking of you." Which is why Robin Becker and Beth Decker, along with their staff, put so much care into the work they do at S...

Simply Flower and Gifts
From left, Sara Becker, Beth Decker, Doris Strommen, Heather Carvey, Robin Becker, Brigette Logan stand in front of the cooler at Simply Flower and Gifts.

Flowers can mean a lot. They can bring comfort and joy, can mean love and caring, and are an overall way to say, “I’m thinking of you.”
Which is why Robin Becker and Beth Decker, along with their staff, put so much care into the work they do at Simply Flowers and Gifts in west Dickinson.
“We really get to do two good things,” Robin said. “You get to celebrate a person, if it’s their birthday or anniversary or wedding, but you also get to honor that person in death.”
Robin has worked at the shop for about five years. Beth helped out with deliveries seasonally. But, as of Jan. 1, the pair - along with their husbands - took over ownership of the shop.
“I just vested so much in my relationship with the customers and the employees and just really felt like it was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life,” Robin said. “But, I know my weaknesses, and that’s where Beth comes in.”
One of the changes the pair hopes to bring to the shop is more of an emphasis on the floral, and a little less on the home decor.
“We want to have some seasonal home decor and such, but we really want to emphasis the floral and put our energies and education into that,” Robin said.
“We’ll have a variety of everything, but we want to be known as an awesome flower shop,” Beth added.
They each feel they bring something special to the shop. Robin is more boisterous and has built relationships with her customers in the five years at the shop, while Beth has an accounting background and does the books.
The pair have been friends since Beth starting delivering for Simply Flowers a few years ago.
“We only knew each other through here,” Beth said.
“But it seems like we’ve known each other forever,” Robin added.
The friendship extends to their whole staff, the pair credit the employees with much of the business’s success.
“It’s not about us, we have some really good employees right now,” Robin said. “I think our first Valentine’s Day was so successful due to the organization of both of us, with our employees. We, right now, have a staff that’s just - we are so fortunate to have the staff that we do.”
Because of the closeness of the staff, it makes working at the flower shop seem less like work.
“You spend more time with them than you do your family,” Robin said. “You look forward to coming to work.”
The shop is part of the Teleflora network, which provides support and training.
“We got to go to Oklahoma to Teleflora headquarters and that was really awesome,” Robin said. “When you hire new people, you learn from them.”
Their associates from all over the country - South Dakota, Utah and Montana, to name a few.
“You really learn a lot from other florists,” Robin said.
Everyone at the shop has fun following trends. The pair look to sites like Pinterest for inspiration, and are happy that there is more creativity in the community.
“I can’t imagine doing weddings 30 years ago where everything was the same,” Robin said. “I love that, nothing’s the same. Everybody has their own tastes and opinions on stuff, and it’s fun.”
The floral world is seeing more silk flowers - or permanent botanicals - for events like prom and weddings, Robin said.
“Some brides don’t want to have the stress of having the fresh flowers, and their circumstances (change), if they’re having outdoor wedding, or if it’s really hot,” Robin said.
And a flower shop isn’t just designing bouquets.
“You have to have a good delivery department, you have to have staff that’s knowledgeable, you have to have good bookkeeping,” Robin said. “There’s so many elements that have to come together to make it work.”
As new people come into town, connecting with a local florist and sending flowers is a simple but thoughtful way to let them know someone is thinking about them.
“You kind of become their extended family and get to know them,” Robin said. “That’s what’s kind of nice about the job.”

Simply Flowers and Gifts

Hours: Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Saturday 8 a.m. to noon; Closed Sunday.
Address: 683 State Ave., Suite F, Dickinson, ND 58601
Phone: 701-225-8301 or 800-359-3122

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