Stark County District Court: Sept. 9, 2019

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Stark County Courthouse

Craig Allen Scoles, 54, of Dodge, pretrial conference: DUI of alcohol, refusal to submit to chemical test (misdemeanors)

Adam Scott Williams, 32, of Bismarck, bond hearing: driving while license/privilege suspended (misdemeanor)

Erik Tahca Lindholm, 26, of Wasilla, Alaska initial appearance: inhalation of volatile chemical vapors (misdemeanor); bond hearing:driving while license/privilege suspended or revoked (misdemeanor)

Willard Lee Schrank, 68, of Richardton, bond reduction hearing: terrorizing (felony)

Luann Ensey, 56, of Dickinson, initial appearance: driving while license/privilege suspended (misdemeanor)


Monticia Laron Dominique Allen, 33, of Dickinson, bond hearing: reckless endangerment (felony), DUI of alcohol (misdemeanor)

Clifford R. Cummings, 35, of Buffalo, N.Y., initial appearance: harassment - emergency personnel (misdemeanor)

Miguel Angel Cruz Cruz, 32, of Dickinson, initial appearance: possession controlled substance - meth (misdemeanor)

Tanya Battle, 46, of Dickinson, initial appearance: theft of proprety (felony)

Kimberly Ann Dubisar, 36, of Dickinson, initial appearance: simple assault / domestic violence (misdemeanor)

David A. Dulaney, 57, of Dickinson, preliminary hearing: possession controlled substance - meth, possession drug paraphernalia - meth (felonies)

Jesse Lee Wariner, 33, of Dickinson, preliminary hearing: criminal attempt, conspiracy to deliver controlled substance, possession drug paraphernalia - meth (felonies)

Tavian S.K. Del Rosario, 22, of Dickinson, preliminary hearing: reckless endangerment (felony)


Cody Allen Reed, 29, of Dickinson, preliminary hearing: possession drug paraphernalia - meth (felony)

Earl Norman Hunt III, 30, of Dickinson, preliminary hearing: theft of property (felony)

Devon Gress, 28, of Dickinson, preliminary hearing: DUI of alcohol (felony), driving while license/privilege suspended (misdemeanor)

Bryce Charles Reisenauer, 26, of Dickinson, preliminary hearing: unauthorized use of personal identifying information (felony)

Robert Frederick Pilot, 27, of Dickinson, preliminary hearing: aggravated assault - domestic violence (felony)

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