Stark County Sheriff promotes two Deputies to Corporal, outlines strategic growth plan

Corporals Megan Wenisch and David Klatt recognized for their experience and dedication during a promotion ceremony at the Stark County Courthouse.

Cpl. Megan Wenisch and Cpl. David Klatt were rewarded with a tasty treat for their hard work.
James B. Miller / The Dickinson Press

DICKINSON — In a ceremony on Thursday, Stark County Sheriff Corey Lee promoted two deputies, Megan Wenisch and David Klatt, to the rank of Corporal. Wenisch, who has been with the department since 2019, will supervise the detective unit while Klatt, who has nearly 20 years of experience in the National Guard in addition to his lengthy law enforcement career, will continue to lead the canine division.

The widely attended ceremony witnessed Lee layout his long-term goals for the department, which include expansion and advancement opportunities for staff. The department currently has 28 sworn-in deputies and a total of 33 employees, according to Lee.

“Megan was started on patrol, was a school resource officer for the entire county until we got our second one. She took over the east side of the county, primarily helping out with patrolling in the summertime. Then she got promoted to investigations, and now she's in charge of investigations,” Lee said. “They both have quite a bit of prior experience.”

Lee noted he hopes to add another person to the detective unit, and Wenisch will be that deputy’s supervisor. Wenisch has been with the department since she returned when Lee first took office in early 2019, having served for a three year period prior to that. Klatt also started with the department in 2019, and served as a Dunn County deputy sergeant for several years before joining the force in Stark County.

“Then he's got almost 20 years of experience in the National Guard as well. Dave is actually in charge of our canine division, which including Myra has four dogs in it,” Lee said. “As we grow and expand, he'll have some other duties coming his way as well.”


He added that he issued these promotions with his strategic long-term goals in mind.

“Ultimately, we are also looking at, down the road, advancement and growth of the department,” he said.

Lee said the Department has 28 sworn in deputies, himself included, and a total of 33 employees.

David Klatt's family members help place the new pins on his uniform as he is promoted to the rank of Corporal.
James B. Miller / The Dickinson Press

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