Time to dig out the deer tags

A word of advice this week: Go find your deer license, and when you do, put it in a place where you won't lose track of it until it's on the deer or the season is over.

Photo Courtesy of North Dakota Game and Fish Department North Dakota deer gun season opens Nov 6. at noon, but don't wait to look for your tag.

A word of advice this week: Go find your deer license, and when you do, put it in a place where you won't lose track of it until it's on the deer or the season is over.

Yes, I do realize deer season doesn't open until Nov. 6, but I also have more stories than I could possibly share here about hunters who for some reason can't find their deer license around the opening weekend of deer season.

If that's the case, all is not lost. You can get a replacement. Just log on to the Game and Fish Department Web site at and print off the form to replace a lost license, fill it out and mail it in. It takes a few days to turn the application around, so I suggest taking care of this as soon as possible.

Here are some other questions and answers that apply to the upcoming deer gun season.

What licenses do I need for deer gun season? A fishing, hunting and furbearer certificate, the general game and habitat stamp or a combination license and the deer license. Gratis license holders need only the gratis license.


Can I use my first season (first lottery) license during the muzzleloader season? No. The first season license may be used only for the regular deer gun season.

When can additional concurrent, second and third season licenses be used? Hunters possessing these unfilled antlerless deer licenses can use them during the archery season with a bow; the deer gun season with a bow, rifle, or muzzleloader; or during the muzzleloader season with a muzzleloader. These licenses must be used for antlerless deer only, and hunters must stay in the unit to which the license is assigned.

I didn't harvest a deer with my youth season license. Can I hunt the regular deer gun season with this license? Youth ages 14 and 15 can use their unfilled youth season license during the regular deer gun season, but youth ages 12 and 13 cannot use their white-tailed deer license during the regular season.

I was unsuccessful in filling my mule deer buck license in a restricted unit during the youth season. Can I hunt the remainder of the state during the regular gun season? No. You are restricted to the same unit as during the youth season.

I shot a deer, but it is rotten. What can I do? You must take possession of the animal by tagging it. A license only allows you the opportunity to hunt. It is not a guarantee to harvest a deer, or to the quality of the animal.

What should I do if I find a wounded deer? Contact a game warden. Do not shoot the deer unless you want to tag it, or are instructed by the warden to do so.

I hunt with a bow. When do I have to wear orange? During the regular deer gun season you must wear orange. During the muzzleloader season, however, bowhunters do not need to wear orange.

Can I hunt road right-of-ways? Do not hunt on road right-of-ways unless you are certain they are open to public use. Most right-of-ways are under control of the adjacent landowner and are closed to hunting when the adjacent land is posted closed to hunting.


Can I hunt on a section line if it is posted on both sides? No. If the land is posted on both sides, the section line is closed to hunting, but is still open for travel.

Can I transport someone else's deer? Yes, but you will need a transportation permit from a game warden. The license holder, person transporting the animal, and the carcass must be presented to the game warden before the permit is issued.

What if I am going to take my deer head to a taxidermist and meat to a butcher shop? How do I keep the tag with it all? The tag should remain with the head and the carcass tag should remain with the meat.

May I carry a pistol when I am hunting with a deer rifle? Yes, but the handgun must meet minimum requirements to be legal for taking deer.

Can I use a bow to fill my regular deer gun license? Yes. You may use any legal firearm or bow during the regular deer gun season.

-- Leier is a biologist with the Game and Fish Department. He can be reached by e-mail at . Read his blog at .

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