United Way campaign raises $237,000

The United Way of Dickinson celebrated the conclusion of its 2008-2009 campaign with an annual meeting and donor recognition on Tuesday at the Days Hotel Grand Dakota Lodge.

The United Way of Dickinson celebrated the conclusion of its 2008-2009 campaign with an annual meeting and donor recognition on Tuesday at the Days Hotel Grand Dakota Lodge.

A total of $237,060 was raised in the campaign, according to the annual report.

Of that amount, a percentage is needed for overhead costs. Last year, the amount came to 18.1 percent, including everything from cups given to those who increased their donations to the salary of the executive director.

"I was very pleased. We were $5,000 over last year's record-setting goal. While the total didn't meet our goal, we are certainly pleased," said campaign Chairman Del Quigley.

Quigley attributes the success to United Way's reputation of making sure dollars are spent locally and correctly.


"We have a grant-writing process. We take it seriously that the dollars we are giving out are used here in the community," he said.

Quigley also gave credit to the campaign volunteers who helped out.

"It's been a big honor to serve as campaign chair and to help the agencies in the community," he said.

United Way Executive Director Jill Gregoire said the total represents 85 percent of the goal that was set by requests of the 20 agencies. While the agencies may not receive 100 percent of their funding, she is hopeful that most of their financial needs are being met.

Gregoire said the campaign started slowly, but picked up toward the end of the year.

"I'm overwhelmed by the generosity within the Dickinson community. They opened their hearts to those in need," she said. "It shows United Way and the agencies that we fundraise for are important to the people of Dickinson. They want these agencies here."

Gregoire said United Way is more than fundraising. It is part of the disaster coalition, the Southwest Homeless Coalition and the Success by 6, which is an early childhood development initiative. United Way also assists with the Empty Bowl event, Marketplace for Kids and the Letter Carriers' food drive.

During the annual meeting, Gregoire recognized 66 businesses and 36 individuals with Pacesetter awards. The award is given to those who donate $500 or more to the campaign.


Gregoire also gave out several campaign awards.

The Community Distinction Award went to Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing-Dickinson, as a newer business who has become involved in United Way.

The Above and Beyond Award went to TMI Systems Design Corp, which has been consistently involved in the campaign over the years.

The Spirit Award went to American Bank Center, which keeps the spirit of United Way alive through promotions such as Blue Jeans Fridays, stickers and presentations.

Gregoire gave credit to all the volunteers who participated in the campaign.

"We cannot thank them enough. Volunteers are the board of directors, division leaders, packet deliverers, campaign chair, the people who scoop ice cream in July, the RSVP volunteers who stuff our mailings -- It's everyone," she said. "Many people give of their time and sometimes it's harder to give time than money."

Gregoire further said United Way provides networking opportunities for the agencies.

"It's a huge resource for all the agencies. It's not one agency, we all work together. That's where the 'United' comes in," she said.


The United Way Board will begin planning next year's campaign and Gregorie is working on membership certification for United Way of America. This summer, brings Banana Splits for United Way and the Roughrider Days Parade.

"It never stops," she said.

Gregoire said she has the best job in the world.

"Many people do not get the chance to know what they do affects hundreds, if not thousands of other people," she said.

In her presentation at the meeting, she added, "I knew I would thoroughly enjoy working for United Way, but I don't think I realized how fulfilling it would be. Throughout this year, the respect I have for our community and the work of our partner agencies has grown immensely. Our partner agencies work diligently and collaboratively to ensure the safety net in our community remains strong."

United Way Board of Directors President Sue Roller said the annual meeting was a celebration of everything that was accomplished in the campaign.

"It says a lot about our community and the people's giving spirit," she said. "Our goal, of course is to fund all of the agencies at 100 percent. We didn't reach that goal, but ultimately it means we can continue to provide services to clients in need in the Dickinson area."

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