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Officials consider no-wake zone on Missouri River

Rising waters are making it challenging to access docked boats, such as this one in Marina Bay in Mandan. Kimberly Wynn / Bismarck Tribune

BISMARCK -- Morton and Burleigh county officials met on Monday with staff from the North Dakota Game and Fish Department to consider establishing a no-wake zone on a portion of the Missouri River, a Burleigh County official said.

As releases at Garrison Dam topped 60,200 cubic feet per second on Monday, Burleigh County has already taken its next step in a flood mitigation plan.

The plan calls for action whenever the river is measured at 12 feet deep at the Bismarck gauge. As the current gauge reading is at 13.1 feet, the Burleigh County Highway Department has started operating the Tavis Flood Control Structure. The gate on the west side has been closed, and the pumps are lowering the water level on the east side. 

“Lowering the level allows storage to protect residents on the east side of Fox Island and the wastewater treatment plant. Everything is functioning properly," Burleigh County engineer Marcus Hall said.

The Travis Flood Control Structure was completed in 2014 as a mitigation project built for a 20-foot flood stage at a cost of more than $2 million.