Weather Forecast


Weather ahead: U.S. warm, North Dakota normal with warmer winter likely

MINOT, N.D. -- Virtually all of the United States, with the exception of North Dakota, Minnesota and a portion of South Dakota, is expected to experience warmer than usual temperatures through October.

That's the latest prognostication provided by the Climate Prediction Center.

Precipitation for most of the U.S., including Minnesota, is expected to be in the normal range through the same period. The CPC issues the three-month outlooks the third Thursday of every month.

The CPC continues to monitor equatorial sea surface temperatures which can influence weather patterns across the U.S. Currently, says the CPC, neutral weather conditions are favored through the Northern Hemisphere this summer. That outlook is reflected in the CPC's latest long-range weather forecast.

Looking past October, the CPC says the chance of El Nino is expected to increase to about 70 percent for the winter months. El Nino generally results in bringing warmer than usual winter temperatures to Minnesota.