The light snow that fell on Fargo-Moorhead Friday put the annual precipitation total for the metro area into rarefied air. A snowy February and March, a wet spring and then an extremely wet fall, plus a hearty December snowstorm, and Fargo's precipitation total has passed 30 inches. This is one of only eleven years on record since 1881 in which the precipitation has exceeded 30 inches. The wettest calendar year on record for Fargo-Moorhead is the year 2000 with 34.76 inches. In second place is 1882 with 34.01 inches.

Six of these top eleven years have been since 1998, which is a reflection of the wet pattern our region has endured since the 1990s, and also at least a partial explanation for the dramatic increase in river flooding over this same time period. Grand Forks is experiencing its wettest year on record and has now passed 32.5 inches, largely due to an extremely rainy September in which more than 8 inches fell.