The average daily mean temperature for Fargo-Moorhead during November was 27.6 degrees Fahrenheit, which ranks near the middle of the all-time record. Out of 139 Novembers, this ranks as the 64th coldest. The average daily mean temperature in November of 2018 was 22.4 degrees, which is the 21st coldest out of 139 years. In contrast, the warmest November on record was just four years ago in 2016, when the average daily mean temperature was 41.8 degrees. This means, on average, each day in November this year was 14.2 degrees colder than in 2016.

Weather goes through ups and downs day after day, month after month, and year after year. Some Novembers are quite cold and others quite mild, but in general, there have been more mild ones and fewer cold ones in recent decades. The daily average temperature has risen slightly more than one degree since the middle of last century.