The lowest temperature on record in Fargo-Moorhead is -48 degrees, set in January of 1887. The warmest temperature recorded in Fargo Moorhead was 114 degrees set in July of 1936. This is a range of 162 degrees. The range in Grand Forks is from a maximum of 109 to -43 for a difference of 152 degrees. Official records in Grand Forks do not include the 1880s when many winters were extremely cold in our region. Langdon has recorded temperatures of 112 to -51 degrees which is a one degree greater range than Fargo-Moorhead. These are some of the largest temperature extremes in the lower 48 states.

Fairbanks, Alaska, has been as warm as 99 degrees with a record low temperature of -66 for a range of 165, which is probably the greatest range of any major city in the United States. The greatest temperature range in the world is at Verkhoyansk in Siberia which has a record low of -90 degrees and a record high of 98 for a range of 188.