The average date of the first 80-degree temperature of spring in Fargo-Moorhead is May 6. Temperatures are forecast to reach into the 80s this week, which will be roughly two weeks later than the average.

Last spring, the first day to hit 80 degrees was May 15, also later than average. The two years before that, we got to 80 degrees on May 5. In 2015, 80 degrees came very early on April 11.

The timing of the first 80-degree day of spring is related to the warmth of the weather pattern, of course, but it is also very closely related to soil moisture. When area fields are free of snow and also not covered in crops, the black soil gets hot in the afternoon sun and can make a warm day much warmer. Our recent wet springs have not been conducive to early hot weather. The earliest 80-degree temperature in Fargo-Moorhead was March 23, 1910. The latest was June 21, 1945.