The inevitable descent into winter has already begun, albeit subtly. People at this latitude have lost almost an hour and a half of daylight since the summer solstice. Specifically, for Fargo-Moorhead, we have lost one hour, 16 minutes and 47 seconds of daylight.

As the autumnal equinox approaches, the additional loss of daylight each day increases to more than three minutes a day, so that we will have lost an additional two hours, 17 minutes and three seconds by Sept. 22.

By the time we get to the winter solstice on Dec. 21, we will have lost another three hours, 37 minutes and 20 seconds, resulting in a day length of just eight hours, 31 minutes and 31 seconds. In total, we will have lost seven hours, 21 minutes and 10 seconds of daylight since the summer solstice. Starting Dec. 22, days will begin to get longer again.

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