As is usual, there is a tremendous volume of misinformation circulating around regarding last week's rolling blackouts and the failure of wind sources during times of bad weather. First of all, it is factual that wind turbines do not generate energy all of the time. Turbines require some wind, but not too much. However, the problem with electricity delivery in the central and southern U.S. last week had little to do with the energy sources. Oil and gas refineries in southern Texas were forced to shut down due to the severe winter weather conditions. It is blatantly false to blame the problem on "frozen wind turbines" as some did.

There was an energy delivery crisis last week because the energy infrastructure in the South was ill-prepared for such cold weather. With allowances for the 2020 economic downturn, we use more electricity in the United States now than at any time in the past, despite the use of increasingly energy efficient technology. We need more varieties of energy sources, not fewer.

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