The mild fall weather this year is, to this old meteorologist, a reminder of fall seasons from a childhood lived in the South. In central Alabama, the heat and humidity of summer linger well into September. Usually by the Autumn Equinox, the weather begins to moderate into the loveliest of fall seasons. October and November are the driest months of the year in Alabama. Fall weather is often clear and warm and pleasant.

Maples, dogwoods, poplars, hickories, black gums, sourwoods and ginkgo trees glow red, orange and yellow throughout October and November. Water oaks turn a yellowish-brown and give up their leaves reluctantly through the winter, gradually revealing clumps of mistletoe in time for the winter holidays. Frost is rare until late October or November. Fall in the South is a much slower, less abrupt change compared to the North, although the first half of this Northern fall has brought back memories

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