Wegh is new DDA executive director

LoAnn Wegh is the DDA's new executive director. A Killdeer native, Wegh was the owner of Dickinson's LoAnn's Marketing for 25 years. (Brandon L. Summers / The Dickinson Press)

LoAnn Wegh is the new executive director of the Downtown Dickinson Association.

She started in the position on July 29. Wegh, a Killdeer native, once served as director of the Dickinson Convention & Visitors Bureau and was the owner of LoAnn's Marketing in Dickinson for 25 years.

"I primarily worked in the traffic safety field," she said. "We did 13 years for the Department of Transportation on increasing safety about usage, decreasing instances of impaired driving. Our goal was to lose No. 1 in the nation for binge drinking, and we accomplished all three."

Wegh closed her First Avenue West business this year to pursue a new avenue.

"Things have changed so much in marketing," she said. "Ten years ago or 15, you did print ads, you did radio. Now everything is so different, and people can work from home. You don't have to have brick-and-mortar to do your business."


The change will allow Wegh to apply her many talents to a single purpose.

"When you work in your own business, you wear so many different hats," she said. "I did well in some and I failed in some. I owned a retail store at one time up in Minot, but I didn't do so well. The franchise went bankrupt. But it was the best learning experience."

She added, "Even if I didn't do well in it, I learned from it."

Wegh's first three weeks as director have been "crazy," she said, as the DDA prepares for its Blues Festival in September.

"I'm just getting my feet wet," she said. "I bet I've been to 25 meetings, met with probably 30 different members already. It's been crazy, but I love it. I've had a great time."

Wegh particularly enjoys reacquainting herself with familiar faces.

"Some of them have retired, but the actual businesses and people I'm used to working with, they're all there," she said. "It's fun to connect again."

As executive director, Wegh serves the DDA board in its efforts and directions.


"They want me to take off with those, and they give you guidance," she said. "I think they have given me full reign and said, 'Do your job and do it good.' And that's my intention."

Wegh will also be focused, on fundraising for a proposed town square project.

The project will be located at the southeast corner of First Avenue West and Second Street, at the current site of American Bank Center.

American Bank Center plans to build a new facility on the northeast corner of the downtown intersection.

Having a town square is an exciting prospect, Wegh said.

"It can only impact our city positively," she said. "You can see all over the United States that downtowns are revitalizing and they're the ones that are making the communities vibrant."

Downtown Dickinson has changed over the last 10 years, Wegh said.

"People didn't go downtown. Now, it's a place to take your family and friends," she said. "Even if you don't have an activity or big affair, you can shop on weekends or evenings, and there's beautiful benches. They're working really hard to make it pretty."


Wegh is excited to be taking on her new role.

"I'm at a stage in my career where I love learning," she said. "This board, this organization, can impact the entire community. We can create a strong economy and a vibrant downtown, and a place where people from out of town want to visit."

She added, "That's only going to get better as we move along and go forward."

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