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Hilltop Heritage Foundation plans fundraiser

Cherie Roshau painted a picture of Jim Tescher at a Dickinson rodeo. The framed picture will be sold at auction during the Hilltop Heritage Foundation fundraiser. (Submitted Photo)1 / 2
Talia Bang painted a farm house bench with a picture of her father-in-laws horse and saddle. It will be among the auction items at the Hilltop Heritage Foundation fundraiser. (Submtited Photo)2 / 2

The Killdeer community will enjoy a steak fry and bid on western art when the Hilltop Heritage Foundation hosts its annual fundraiser.

Dinner will be served from 4:30-6:30 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 22, with the auction to follow, at the High Plains Cultural Center.

"It's a time when Killdeer comes together to support a worthwhile cause," Foundation Director Fayleen Fischer said. "It's a traditional event that people look forward to."

She said the gathering is a fundraiser for the Hilltop Home of Comfort, a long-term care facility, and the Legacy Lodge, which opened last week with 20 assisted living apartments.

The steak fry will feature grilled steaks, the locally famous "Zablotny Potatoes," a salad and bars for dessert.

The auction traditionally has a western theme with at least 75 live auction items and another 40 silent auction items up for bid.

Silent auction items include everything from electrical appliances to baskets donated by area merchants and even a locally brewed red-eye drink.

"Another example is a lady who donated a basket in memory of her sister who lived in the nursing home for several years," she said. "We'll take donations until the moment the auction starts, preferably a day ahead of time."

The live auction items feature western-decorated furniture by local artists, such as Marsha Lehman, Talia Bang and Donna Knutson.

"Our famous bakers are whipping up some pies for us," Fisher said. "We're looking forward to lots of juneberry pies because it was a good juneberry year,"

The auction items are currently on display at the American Bank Center in Killdeer.

"The auction is so much fun," she said. "We'll have some local humor, depending on who is bidding against each other."

Details of the fundraiser are being made by the Foundation's members, with Nancy Bogers and Cheryl Dolezal as chairperson and Sheila Murphy as president.

"Our goal is to keep the elderly people in our community where they feel at home and where we can visit easily," Murphy said. "The big thing is they are in their own community, where they can go to the same church, go where they are used to eating and stay interested in the ballgames."

Murphy described the foundation board as the fundraising arm for both the Hilltop Home of Comfort and Legacy Lodge.

"We're raising funds for the Legacy Lodge right now," she said. "It's our goal to make life better for the people who live there and the people who work there."

Tickets are $25. Tickets are available at the door or in advance at American Bank Center and First International Bank. Everyone is invited.