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No more snow!: Video of Dickinson girl dressed as Pikachu protesting snow gains traction

11-year-old Isis Sio has had enough of the snow for one winter. She's pictured on Friday, April 13, in her Pikachu costume. (Sydney Mook / The Dickinson Press)

Isis Sio is just about done with winter and she has a creative way of letting everyone know.

The 11-year-old recently took to the streets of Dickinson wearing an inflatable Pikachu costume while carrying around a sign that reads "No more snow." The family posted the video to their Instagram page, sio_siblings, and has been catching the attention of people across the United States and the world.

A post shared by Sio Family (@sio_siblings) on Apr 8, 2018 at 2:21pm PDT

The video was recently shared on the social media accounts of ABC News, where the video has had more than 100,000 combined views on Facebook and Twitter. The video featuring the Pokemon character also was posted to and a range of other sites, where it also gained more attention.

The family's Instagram is full of funny videos in inflatable costumes. It also includes a range of other fun snow-related videos, including one with the caption "A little snowstorm can't stop our traditional Good Friday croquet game!" and shows the family dressed in a "Minion" costume and a hippo costume playing croquet in the snow, Isis' mother Erin said that video has been very popular in Australia of all places.

A post shared by Sio Family (@sio_siblings) on Mar 30, 2018 at 5:21pm PDT

"It's exciting," Isis said about the videos going viral recently.

Erin said they decided to get the costumes to play pranks on one another.

"We just got costumes because she wanted to scare her dad every night when he got from work and then it just kept going from there," she said.

Isis decided to start doing fun snow videos because she likes to play out in the snow.

"It's fun to throw snowballs," she said with a grin.

Erin added that her daughter likes to make people laugh as well.

The family plans on continuing to create more of the videos.

"We do a lot of traveling so she's going to go to random spots and do it across the U.S.," Erin said.

The family is originally from Wyoming, where winters are a bit drier and not quite as cold.

"She grew up in Wyoming so they have winter but it's not 45 below zero (like it is in North Dakota)," Erin said with a chuckle.

Unfortunately for the Sio family, more snow is expected next week. According to the National Weather Service's seven-day forecast, there's a slight chance for snow Monday night and into Tuesday morning, mixed in with a possibility of a rain/snow mix throughout the rest of the day and into the evening Tuesday.

Overall this winter Dickinson has had around 54 inches of snow from November 1 through April 4. The Dickinson area received around 20 inches of snow in the month of March alone this year. The latest winter storm dropped another 2 inches or so from Thursday night through Friday morning.

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