On Friday, Dickinson juvenile runaway Chloe Anton was located in Utah by local law enforcement, ending the seven-day search for the teenager.

"She was in the company of an adult male. No charges have been filed at this time against the male," Capt. David Wilkie, Dickinson Police Department, said. "Ms. Anton will need to appear in court in Utah before she can return to Dickinson. This case is still under investigation."

The investigation into the runaway began a week prior.

"I was there to pick her up, and she didn't come out of the school," Chloe's mother, Kristin Anton, said. "I called her phone, and it went straight to voicemail. I instantly knew something was up."

Kristin Anton spoke with the vice principal, who immediately checked the school's security cameras to try to locate Chloe.

"The vice principal said she was in school all day," Kristin Anton said. "The surveillance footage showed her exiting the north side of the building opposite the parking area on foot, and after she exited the north side of the building the cameras couldn't see her anymore."

According to police, the Dickinson Police Department does not consider any report of a missing person to be routine and assumes that the missing person is in need of immediate assistance until an investigation reveals otherwise.

The investigation quickly became a search for a runaway after it was determined that she had intentionally left the school with a bag and supplies.

The Dickinson Police Department launched an investigation into all reports of Chloe Anton, including posting the information on social media platforms for leads in the case.

Wilkie said that one of the difficulties with this case, as well as other juvenile cases, was obtaining credible information about Ms. Anton's location.

"This is common for juvenile cases when friends are trying to protect the runaway from whatever they believe is going on in the juvenile's life at this time," Wilkie said. "Friends are also worried about being labelled if they are the ones who give up information on the runaway."

Officers are in the process of having Chloe Anton returned from Utah to her family.