Ricky E. Frederick had an initial appearance April 26 before Judge William Herauf in Stark County District Court.

Frederick, 18, of Paxton, Neb., faces 12 charges from two cases.

Bowman County State's Attorney Andrew Weiss explained to Herauf the charges are not from the same act.

"It was the same weekend, but it was two distinct periods," Weiss said. "They are all different vehicles."

From April 20, Frederick has 10 charges, including two class C felonies: theft and unlawful entry into a motor vehicle; seven class A misdemeanors: three counts unauthorized use of vehicle, three counts theft of motor vehicle, and one count of fleeing a peace officer - vehicle; and a class B misdemeanor: minor in consumption or possession.

In a separate case, from April 19, Frederick is charged with two class C felonies: unlawful entry of a motor vehicle and theft from a car.

Weiss explained a rifle had been stolen from the vehicle.

The maximum penalty for a class C felony is up to five years imprisonment, $10,000 fine or both.

For a class A misdemeanor, the maximum penalty is one year imprisonment, $3,000 fine or both.

The maximum penalty for a class B misdemeanor is 30 days jail, $1,500 fine or both.

"Combined, you're looking at 17 years in jail," Herauf told Frederick.

Weiss recommended a bond of $5,000, with 10 percent payable, which Herauf issued.

"This type of conduct, I realize it's just alleged, but this is something that is just absolutely inappropriate," Herauf told Frederick.

Frederick was also ordered not to touch or possess alcohol.

"You're not supposed to have it anyway if you're under 21," Herauf warned. "You cannot be on any premises that serves or dispenses alcohol."

Frederick has been in Rhame for about five months, he told Herauf, having returned to North Dakota after living in Nebraska for about five years.

Frederick told Herauf he was going to hire his own attorney.

No further court appearances have been scheduled.