Cody Maier, a senior first baseman for the Dickinson High boys baseball team, batted .500 with a home run, two doubles, 10 RBIs, three walks and four runs scored during a four-game stretch in which the Midgets went 4-0 in that stretch. In the first game of a doubleheader against Watford City, Maier led Dickinson to a 21-0 victory, going 4-for-4 with a home run, a double, a walk, seven RBIs and three runs scored.

DP: What have been your keys to success this season?

CM: "My keys to success this season have been my approach at the plate and just preparing myself to be ready every single day."

DP: What are your goals for the rest of the season?

CM: "My goals for the rest of the season are to keep playing great as a team and finish high at WDA and go compete at state."

DP: How does it feel to have one more month left of high school?

CM: "It feels crazy that there's only a month left of high school baseball. It went super fast."

DP: When did you start playing baseball and what do you most like about it?

CM: "I think I started playing when I was nine years old and I just like how hard it can be. It's a challenge everyday to come out here and play (well)."

DP: Who is your funniest current or past teammate?

CM: "In the past, I'd have to say Tristen Brunk, as my funniest teammate."

DP: Who was your favorite athlete growing up?

CM: "I gotta say, right now my favorite athlete growing up is Javier Baez."

DP: What is the one thing you could eat for the rest of your life?

CM: "I could definitely eat turkey sandwiches forever."

DP: Snapchat or Instagram?

CM: "Instagram."

DP: Country Music or Hip Hop?

CM: "Hip Hop."

DP: When eating a meal, what is most satisfying: the first bite or last bite?

CM: "Definitely the first bite."

DP: Are you a good dancer or a bad dancer?

CM: "I'm a terrible dancer."

DP: Baseball or any other sport?

CM: "Baseball."

DP: What is your first sports memory?

CM: "My first sports memory is playing baseball."

DP: Who are your biggest inspirations to succeed?

CM: "My biggest inspirations are my parents and friends and family."