Gladstone is preparing a major streets rehabilitation project.

City Engineer Jeremy Wood and Mayor Cody Silbernagel asked Stark County commissioners at their monthly meeting Tuesday for assistance.

"The general scope of the project is a citywide seal coat," Wood said. "There's some areas that we need to do some type of street repair, whether that's a total reconstruction of mill and overlay or patching. It's going to be kind of a mismatch of all kinds of repair strategies."

The city hopes to start with repairs this year and begin seal coating next year.

The repairs are badly needed, Wood said.

"The streets are breaking up a little faster than what we anticipated," he said. "We're trying to limit the damage. That's why we're more aggressive on street repair. We feel once the street is repaired the seal coat can maybe wait a year or two. But the street repair has to be done fairly soon."

Commissioners were given maps identifying roads more impacted by Stark County residents than Gladstone residents.

"I don't want to mislead anybody into thinking that the city or I think there's more traffic generated by rural Stark County residents," Wood said. "Whether it's farm equipment or whatever, it's mostly the rural Stark County residents who are causing the (need for) street repairs."

Wood emphasized that the city does not expect the county to pay for all street repairs.

The total cost of the project is estimated at roughly $540,000.

The county would cover about $150,000 in repairs, including asphalt overlay costs of $126,000 and patching at $30,000, as well as other milling costs.

"We can tweak that number up or down depending on further review," he said. "That's just a ballpark number."

Commissioner Ken Zander suggested the city communicate with County Roads Superintendent Al Heiser and Commissioner Pete Kuntz on their needs.

"I would agree that highlighted-in-red is certainly impacted by vehicle traffic other than cars or light-duty pickups, and a lot of residential traffic coming from the east," he said.

Zander and Commissioner Jay Elkin noted that the county has engaged in cost-sharing projects with other area communities.

"Certainly, we want to be fair to everybody," Zander said.

Silbernagel personally thanked the commissioners.

"I just wanted to tell you, we appreciate your consideration," he said, "and look forward to working with you on this project."

In other business:

A special meeting has been scheduled for June 12 at 8 a.m., at Stark County Courthouse to review bids for a new Social Services building.

"We would like to re-bid a couple of the packages in here," Rod Cockeram, Scull Construction manager, said. "We just need to get approval to do that so we can at least start that process."

Scull Construction was chosen in October to lead construction of the new facility, which will be near the CHI St. Alexius campus.

Elkin emphasized the need for a special meeting with all commissioners.

"We need to see these numbers and we need to understand these numbers," he said.

Tom Henning, Stark County state's attorney, explained that to re-bid the project the current bids must be rejected.

One bid was over budget in one area, Cockeram said. Another area received two bids.

"They were both over budget also," he said, "which gives us the ability to throw those out and re-bid those two areas, one being masonry and the other being the signs."

If the project is re-bid, Cockeram said there must be 21 days notification and Scull may call for a mandatory pre-bid meeting.