GRAND FORKS -- The trophy bull elk Lacey Lupien of rural Lancaster, Minn., shot Sunday, Sept. 6, near her home in Kittson County is the No. 2-scoring typical elk in Minnesota, at least for now, according to a certified measurer for Boone and Crockett who scored the rack Sunday, Nov. 22.

The 7x8 bull had a net score of 367 2/8 inches in the typical category, for elk with symmetrical antlers, after the mandatory 60-day drying period, said Randy Dufault, who drove to the northwestern Minnesota community just south of the Canadian border to measure the rack.

“That would put it at No. 2 in Minnesota right now” for typical elk, Dufault, of East Grand Forks, said in an email. “But time will tell. (The DNR) gave out (44) permits this year, so who knows?”

The rack had a gross score of 380 0/8 before deductions, Dufault said, meaning it measured exactly 380 inches.

“That’s a big bull,” he said. “It wasn’t even from side to side. That’s why it had deductions.”

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The bull also was large enough to qualify for entry into the Boone and Crockett awards book, which requires a minimum score of 360 typical for one-time mention; listing in the awards book for all-time Boone and Crockett, meaning the entry will be included in every future edition of the book, is 375 inches typical.

Brad Penas of Moorhead has the record for the No. 1-scoring typical elk in Minnesota, with a 6x7 bull he shot in September 2013 that measured 393 2/8 inches. Penas shot the bull in the Caribou Township area of northeastern Kittson County. Dufault, who also scores for the Minnesota Official Measurers organization, measured that bull, as well.

According to Boone and Crockett, the previous record for a typical elk taken by hunting in Minnesota scored 371 6/8 inches typical and was shot in 1996.

Dufault said he’s also hoping to score the 7x7 bull elk Gavin Nordby of Grygla, Minn., shot in late August north of Lake Bronson, Minn., but so far hasn’t had the opportunity.