Bitter cold air continues to pile into the region keeping actual temperatures below zero for most with wind chills dropping into the 20s, 30s, 40s, and potentially some 50s below! The weekend appears to stay dry for most of the region, just frigid.

Highs on Friday will range from near zero in areas of South Dakota to teens below up in northeastern North Dakota and northern Minnesota. Most of the area will stay dry, although a few snow showers will be possible in southern and southwestern South Dakota.

Some of the coldest temperatures of the season will occur on Saturday and Sunday morning. There is the potential that a few areas of northern and northeastern North Dakota could bottom out near or even past 30 below!

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I know the cold doesn't stop everyone from getting out and enjoying some outdoor activities. If you are heading out please plan accordingly since frostbite will be a very real possibility in these temperatures and wind chills.

Wind chills on Saturday will start in the -30s to -40s for most and will still be bitter even in the mid afternoon hours.

Saturday afternoon's actual temperatures will likely stay below zero for the entire region with some areas never making it out of the teens below!

Dangerously cold wind chills expected for Sunday morning. -30s to even -50s won't be out of the question.

Sunday's high temperatures will be similar to Saturday's. Highs will stay below the donut with some places again in the teens below for highs.