North Dakota is changing - it’s growing every day. It’s not just oil that is driving residents here; people are coming for all kinds of professional reasons, and they find that the quality of life here is second-to-none. Yet, as our population grows, so does the need for increased access to affordable, convenient and high-quality prescription medication.

That’s why more than 23,000 North Dakotans signed a petition to put Measure 7 on the ballot next month.

My family recently moved back to our ranch. When we lived in Bismarck, it was easiest for me to go to the pharmacy closest to my house. Now that I’m back at the ranch, I choose to go to the pharmacy closest to my house. There’s room for North Dakotans to have more choices for convenience, cost and customer service. That’s why I support Measure 7 and will vote “Yes.”

Opponents to the measure will claim that our pharmacists need protection from competition. The fact is that in North Dakota we pay an average of 50 percent more for our prescriptions, and the number of pharmacists serving our state has hardly budged over the last 35 years. I choose to shop with our independent pharmacists in North Dakota. But as a consumer, I think that a free, competitive market is exactly what’s needed. It will mean lower prices and more convenient options for consumers. Vote “Yes” on Measure 7.

Mylynn Tufte,