The Republican legislature and the governor have just proven that a one-party system cannot work, whether Republican or Democrat. Absent any real supporting testimony, they have passed a new law which will change our state forever. The strongest anti-corporate farming law in America has just been effectively destroyed.

This has been planned for years and finally all the pieces were in place to pass it. The North Dakota Farm Bureau and their man in office, Ag Commissioner Doug Goehring, along with the Republican Legislature, have accomplished their goal.

They have signaled the death knell of every small community outside of the Bakken in North Dakota. Do not be fooled by the propaganda that investment capital via a corporate structure will save a dying dairy and hog industry. They deny the cause of these industries demis. THE PRICE OF THEIR PRODUCTS IS THE ONLY ISSUE.

They appear to believe that investment will somehow magically create more efficiency and from that will emerge a profitable industry. That is simply impossible. Our dairies and our hog producers were already at the peak efficiency, and efficiency will not create a price.

However, it will allow the eventual takeover of our state by interests that cannot and will not maintain the heart and soul of North Dakota - the land and its people. That includes our schools, our local businesses, our churches and at the same time replace our local banks with Goldman Sachs. Is this what we really want?

I am confident that this law will be referred to a vote of the people and have faith that the people will do the right thing and, at the same time, send a few legislators packing. In North Dakota, we expect that the good of all our people comes first.