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Commentary: Republicans must turn their backs on Roy Moore

Judge Roy Moore poses for a portrait after a "Faith and Family Rally" in Florence Alabama at Shoals Christian School on Sept. 17, 2017. Photo by Nathan Morgan for The Washington Post

Late last month I published a print column headlined, “The GOP tent shouldn’t be big enough for a cretin like Roy Moore.”

The basis for that conclusion was Moore’s long history of bigotry toward Muslims and hatred toward homosexuals. Not to mention his contempt for the equal application of religious liberties.

But despite these things Republicans, including top elected officials here in North Dakota, insisted on giving Moore the benefit of the doubt. “Let’s give him a chance,” Sen. John Hoeven told the Washington Post about Moore not so long ago. When I asked Congressman Kevin Cramer about Moore’s problems he said he didn’t know much about them, a claim which (as I wrote in my column) strains credulity.

Now the Washington Post has published the allegations of women claiming Moore sought romantic and even physical relationships with them when he was in his 30’s and they were younger than 18. One of the women says she was 14 when the incident happened. The age of consent in Alabama, where these events are said to have happened, is 16.

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