MINOT, N.D. -- It's been a topsy-turvy year, hasn't it folks?

Here's another weird bit of news from the world of North Dakota politics to make you feel like you're living in the Upside Down. Kris Cramer, wife of U.S. Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.) and also his campaign manager, has endorsed Democratic-NPL candidate Mark Haugen for treasurer.

Republican state lawmaker Thomas Beadle, of Fargo, is the endorsed Republican candidate for the office.

In a Facebook post written Saturday morning, Sept. 12, Kris Cramer touted an endorsement the Democratic candidate received from the North Dakota Right to Life organization.

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In a subsequent post, Cramer linked to Haugen's campaign website with a plea to support him. "Mark Haugen is the pro-life candidate in the Treasurers race!" she wrote.

"I'm pro-life," Kris Cramer told me when I reached her for comment. "I think pro-life candidates should be who we support if we're pro-life. He's endorsed by the Right to Life organization. I trust their opinion on him and his pro-life stance. I heard they're actually going to publish a vote that Beadle had that was not for life."

Cramer also noted a personal connection she has with Haugen. The two worked together at the University of Mary.

Why does a pro-life position matter in a campaign for an office that doesn't have anything to do with abortion policy at all?

"I just think in all level of elections it matters," Kris Cramer told me. "School board I would pick the person who supports my personal values, that they're a Christian. Christianity supports my world view. Pretty soon your school board person might be running for Congress."

"By the way, I've never met Beadle or seen him at any event and I've been around Republican politics a long time," she added.

Beadle wasn't immediately available for comment. Sen. Cramer told me he has no plans to endorse in the race.

The treasurer's office is typically a pretty sleepy place, yet in 2020 the race for it has been, arguably, the most active in the state. Earlier this year, Republicans saw the primary race for their nomination turn into a brawl between Beadle and state Rep. Dan Johnston of Kathryn.

The Cramers backed Johnston, as did the My Pillow guy, and even President Donald Trump himself.

Ultimately that wasn't enough for Johnston, who lost with 48% of the vote.

To add to the strangeness of this race with a little bit of inside baseball, the North Dakota Association of Realtors has also endorsed Haugen. That's typically an easy endorsement for Republican candidates, and Beadle is a Realtor to boot.

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