I am becoming more and more concerned about our country becoming a socialistic country each month under the present administration. It is alarming to me to see events that have occurred each month that prove my theory:

The tearing down of monuments in some cities around the country is not right to me. I understand the reason for doing this is to try to erase bad historic events of our country. By removing these monuments, some people reason, we somehow, can erase the memories of those events.

The changing of our education system to eliminate the teaching of certain historic events is also not right to me. Again, the thinking is that by removing these historic events, the students will not be troubled with thinking our country was founded by bad people who treated other people harmfully.

The defunding of police budgets by some cities is something that I will never understand! I guess the reasoning for this is the police are causing some form of racial issues by using brutal force on certain people in our country. Some cities are proposing to divert the police budgets to some form of social welfare type of program to enforce the laws.

The new proposed $3.5 trillion congressional bill has changes in our federal budget to increase taxes on the rich to pay for the program. Money will be used to pay more for such things as childcare funding, two years of college education, and more benefits for senior citizens. Money will also be used to convert our country from the use of fossil fuels to renewable energy types of fuel and electricity.

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Other proposals are: to increase the IRS auditors to watch every citizen’s use of money and taxes paid; the increase of EPA regulations to watch private businesses in their daily activities; and to nationalize our voting system to take the voting regulations away from state governments.

This trend will change our great country from capitalism to socialism in a few years if not stopped by us. We cannot change history. It has happened! Tearing down monuments will not erase the event! But, we can learn from the bad events of history and teach our children not to repeat those events and ideas. Defunding police budgets will not eliminate crime. The first and most important purpose of our federal and state governments is to protect the people from crime and invasion of other countries. Decreasing the size of police departments will cause more crime to occur. Increasing IRS auditors and taxing the rich will cause more businesses to move their offices and factories out of the country to evade IRS and taxes. Increasing EPA regulations will slow down and discourage business activity in our country. Nationalizing our voting system will take away the local interest and control of our voting rights and cause more cheating which will result in rigged elections in our country.

The proposed $3.5 trillion bill will change our country forever from a citizen control government to a government control state. What happened to the American way of thinking that, “we are to take care of our personal life and not depend on someone else''? Parts of the bill are so damaging and expensive that this may cause our country to bankruptcy! Call your congressman and encourage them to stop this crazy freight train before it runs off the rails!