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Frazier: Finding peace amidst the chaos

ISIS. Hamas. Hezbollah. Popular names that have been making national headlines, or have they? In speaking with peers and community members, I have noticed two common attitudes, apathy and oblivion.

I mean, who wants to start their day off reading about the beheading of journalists, Christians being slaughtered, women and children being raped, and rockets being launched? It’s unsettling.

That was my attitude until I had the opportunity to visit Israel this summer. I sheltered myself from the conflict because it was uncomfortable, but I believe it’s time we all get uncomfortable. Why? Because there is hope.

We have a precious ally in the Middle East and her name is Israel. A democracy in the Middle East that allows women to pursue government positions and fight in the Israeli Defense Forces, where citizens can voice their opinion without fear of being slaughtered,and where innovation is encouraged. This is not status quo for the region.

Israel also stands out for their military practices. They send text messages, letters and phone calls to all citizens in the area before any invasion on specific terrorist targets, thus removing the element of surprise. Why would they do this? Israel values human life and desires to keep both sides safe, because every life is precious.

There was no time during my stay in Israel that I felt unsafe, due to this common attitude amongst the nation and people of Israel.

As American citizens, we should find peace amongst the chaos because we have an ally who is warring with integrity against the same extremist groups. These groups are declaring “Death to America, Death to Israel, Allah is great.”

Israel has been essentially fighting a war that otherwise would be fought on U.S soil. It is time as Americans that we wake up and begin educating ourselves. It is vital we stand strongly with our allies. Just as America has defended herself, Israel also has that same right to defend herself against Islamic extremist groups.

As my favorite country song states, “you’ve got to stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything.” Wake up, educate yourself and start taking a stand. Your voice matters.

Frazier is a Dickinson State University senior and is Miss Roughrider Days 2015.