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Port: Calling yourself a journalist isn't license to break the law

Democracy Now's Amy Goodman Screenshot via Democracy Now video

Amy Goodman, who creates left-wing propaganda for Democracy Now, is decrying trespassing charges filed against her because she says she was acting as a journalist when she charged onto private property alongside Dakota Access Pipeline protesters earlier this year.

“There’s many justifications and legal justifications for why you’re on somebody’s property,” her attorney, Bismarck-based Tom Dickson, told the Bismarck Tribune. “She wasn’t picnicking or on a summer lark. She was reporting the news to the American people.”

Goodman is hardly an objective reporter. She sides with the protesters and was on hand during a Sept. 3 riot, which saw hundreds of protesters break down a fence and attack private security workers, to produce videos whitewashing the actions of those protesters. In Goodman’s version of reality, it was the security workers and their dogs who stood still on private property while the protesters came at them – who were the aggressors.

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