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Commentary: Democratic gubernatorial candidate Marvin Nelson paid family member to be campaign manager

FILE PHOTO: North Dakota Rep. Marvin Nelson, D-Rolla, testifies in favor of his bill to increase the state's minimum wage Tuesday, Jan. 31 2017. (Photo by John Hageman)

Because Senator Heidi Heitkamp is terrified that Congressman Kevin Cramer might run for her seat this year she’s deployed her surrogates to manufacture a scandal over Cramer paying family members to work for his campaign.

As I’ve already written, Cramer isn’t paying them very much. In fact, he spends to be paying his family a lot less than the sort of pay campaign professionals typically command. His wife, Kris Cramer, is earning a salary as his campaign manager that’s about half what campaign managers typically make.

Still, Heitkamp’s various surrogates are insisting that what Cramer is doing is untoward and unethical. In fact former U.S. Senator Kent Conrad was on KFGO (a pro-Heitkamp propaganda station operated by the Senator’s brother) today suggesting that Cramer paying family to work for his campaign is “reprehensible.”

Which is rich coming from a guy who married the manager of his 1986 Senate campaign just months after getting elected.

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