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Commentary: Poll shows Burgum's approval has fallen 12 points during first year in office

Gov. Doug Burgum stands behind a teleprompter and in front of a video screen during his State of the State address Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2018, in Minot. Media production accounted for a good share of the cost of putting on the event. Kim Fundingsland / Minot Daily News

Governor Doug Burgum put a period at the end of the sentence of his first year in office by delivering a (special interest sponsored) State of the State address on the Minot State University campus.

But according to Morning consult, which polls the popularity of governors on a quarterly interval, during that first year Burgum’s approval among North Dakotans has fallen.

He still has strong numbers – the most recent poll for the 4th quarter of 2017 shows Burgum at 57 percent approval and 22% disapproval, good to as the 13th most popular governor in the country – but his trend in the poll probably isn’t one he’s satisfied with.

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