Weeks ago North Dakota Democrats, and Senate incumbent Heidi Heitkamp’s campaign, began pushing a narrative about a potential rift between Heitkamp’s challenger, Republican Congressman Kevin Cramer, and Donald Trump. The state party even went so far as to publish a video mocking Cramer because Heitkamp got to stand closer to Trump than he did during the signing of a bank deregulation bill.

That’s a odd and very hypocritical turnabout for North Dakota’s Democrats who, in the 2016 cycle, were describing Trump as “vile” and “unfit for office.”

But what if there is some truth to the idea that Trump and Cramer are feuding?

Cramer did throw a jab at the Trump administration recently, making national headlines with some comments on my radio show (audio) critical of Trump’s legislative affairs director Marc Short.

Short, by the way, is a former employee of the Koch brothers’ political network. The folks at Americans for Prosperity, also a part of that network, was recently praising Senator Heitkamp for her vote on that aforementioned banking deregulation bill.

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