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Commentary: Travel ban will keep North Dakota safe

Army Reserve Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer (retired) is a senior fellow for the London Center for Policy Research. Submitted photo

There's good news for North Dakota now that the Supreme Court ruled in favor of vindicated President Trump's travel ban.

On Tuesday, June 26, the Court upheld the President's executive order banning the travel of foreign nationals from terror-ravaged countries to the U.S., including Somalia and Syria if he determines that their entry would hurt the national interest or national security.

The travel ban is necessary for our homeland security because many of these countries — such as Libya, Syria, and Somalia — are so devastated by war that they have no way of telling us who is actually coming into our country. Reliable records simply do not exist.

Other countries subject to the ban, such as Iran and Venezuela, have governments that are so anti-American that allowing free travel from those places into our country presents an obvious security risk.

North Dakota has the most refugees per capita of any state. Since 2002, we have taken in well over 800 Somali refugees. This has unfortunately led to tragic results.

Dahir Adan, the Somali Islamic terrorist who went on a stabbing spree in St. Cloud, Minn., in September 2016, originally settled in North Dakota. After the attack, ISIS released a statement calling Adan one of its soldiers.

In 2013, Somali Omar Mohamed Kalmio was sentenced to life in prison for a 2011 mass murder of a Native American family in Minot. After murdering his girlfriend, Kalmio proceeded to drive across town and murder her 13-year-old brother, her mother, and her mother's boyfriend.

These incidents clearly reflect a serious security problem due to improperly vetted refugees. Obama administration immigration policies, which consistently opened our borders to people from more terror-plagued countries — helped create the problem.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said last year, "(m)ore than 300 people who came here as refugees are under FBI investigation for potential terrorism-related activities." Sessions also noted that those who are "seeking to support or commit terrorist attacks here will try to enter through our refugee program."

President Trump's critics are still trying to depict the travel ban as a "Muslim ban," but the fact that the ban includes non-Muslim countries such as North Korea and Venezuela proves this is simply a lie meant to depict the President as a bigot.

The travel ban does not target Muslims. The seven countries covered under the ban represent just 8.2 percent of the world's Muslims. It targets lands that are hotbeds of terrorism, extremism, and anti-American activity.

Critics who complain this necessary national security measure is un-American are also totally wrong. The highest court in the land has now found it to be constitutional, thus demonstrating that our laws do not require us to take in migrants from centers of terrorism.

After a year of liberal rage and protests around the country, the president has yet another victory under his belt in his efforts to protect the American people.

The Supreme Court's ruling validates Trump's commitment to America First policies, including his belief that the safety of our citizens is far more important than the wishes of foreign nationals.

For the first time in decades, the American people have a president who won't cower to political correctness, accept guilt for the problems of other countries, or expose our general population to unnecessary threats as we have done in North Dakota.

Retired Army Reserve Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer is a senior fellow for the London Center for Policy Research.