FARGO - Mandating that people with pre-existing conditions must be able to get health insurance is one of the most popular parts of the Affordable Care Act. So...

- North Dakota Republican Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem joining a lawsuit to eliminate that provision is shameful. If Stenehjem gets his way, the results would be devastating. Many people would not have health insurance, meaning they would not receive necessary medical treatment. For a lot of people this would mean bankruptcy, death or both. There are more than one million North Dakotans and Minnesotans who have pre-existing conditions. If you don't have a pre-existing condition now, you certainly will later.

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According to a poll from Washington University, about 75 percent of Americans overwhelmingly support mandating coverage for those with pre-existing conditions, while only about 7 percent oppose it. Still, who cares if it's popular? It was passed by Democrats and signed into law by that socialist from Kenya, Barack Obama, so it has to go.

Battling life threatening cancer? Tough luck. Have a serious heart condition? You're on your own. I'm trying to figure out who would benefit by this cruel lawsuit. Maybe the insurance companies. Definitely not most families.

Stenehjem is clearly not acting in the best interests of North Dakota citizens. If Stenehjem wants to do something humane, he could join 18 other attorneys general in trying to reunite families, who were reprehensibly torn apart at the Mexican border.

- Kudos to North Dakota Sens. John Hoeven and Heidi Heitkamp for trying to right a wrong. They are pushing for legislation to put the names of 74 fallen American sailors on the Vietnam War Memorial. The sailors served aboard the destroyer USS Frank E. Evans during that war and in Vietnamese waters.

On June 3, 1969, the destroyer was outside the war zone and collided with an aircraft carrier. The Evans was cut in half, went under water within five minutes, and those 74 sailors were killed. They are now known as the "Lost 74." Fargo's Richard Grant was on the Evans at the time, and knows he was lucky to survive.

Grant makes a strong argument for putting those names on the wall.

"They were fighting for their country, they fought in the Vietnam War, and they died because of that war," Grant said.

It's way past time to put the names of the "Lost 74" on the Vietnam War Memorial Wall.

- Congrats to Trollwood on the excellent "Hello Dolly" Show. The acting, singing, dancing and costumes were terrific!

- Speaking of excellent musicals, check out Act Up Theatre's "The Theory of Relativity." It runs from August 2-5 at NDSU's Askanase Auditorium and is directed by Rebecca Meyer-Larson. Full disclosure: My two daughters are in the show.

- I just had a physical, and my doctor says I am the healthiest person to ever write a column.