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More than 8,400 gallons of oil and gas by-product spilled in Stark County

Commentary: Trump to sign funding ban for universities hosting Chinese Institute once touted at North Dakota universities

Dickinson State University Sign. Dickinson Press photo

Back in 2010 the North Dakota State Board of Higher Education approved requests from Dickinson State University and North Dakota State to create Confucius Institutes on their campuses.

In 2012 the folks at DSU, mired in a horrendous diploma mill scandal, announced they were ending the program. It doesn’t seem as though a similar program at NDSU ever got off the ground (both campuses needed approval from the Confucius Institute Headquarters in Beijing subsequent to the SBHE approval).

Flash forward to 2018, and the CIA has released a report detailing the manner in which the Communist Part of China has used funding for the various Confucius Institutes around the country to influence research:

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