Over the holiday weekend, Senator Heidi Heitkamp was asked about whether or not she’d like President Barack Obama to campaign for her here in North Dakota this election cycle.

Her response was swift and firm in the negative:

This is the latest example of Heitkamp doing election year flip-flops on her support for her party’s presidents and presidential candidates.

In 2008 Heitkamp, then eight years removed from a failed gubernatorial campaign and still four years away from the narrow victory which put her in the U.S. Senate, took some time at the Democratic party’s national convention to expound on video about the greatness of then-candidate Barack Obama.

“I’m sure Barack Obama is going to be amazing,” she said in video (see it here) that was originally posted on YouTube by Chad Nodland, a former blogger who at the time was one of North Dakota’s representatives to the Democratic National Committee. Heitkamp was also effusive in her praise of Hillary Clinton in that video too. Nodland apparently took it in a hotel hallway at the 2008 Democratic national convention.

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