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Commentary: NDGOP rips Heitkamp over absence during violent #NoDAPL protests

A screenshot of a new ad from the North Dakota Republican Party criticizing Senator Heidi Heitkamp for her handling of the Dakota Access Pipeline protests. YouTube

From late summer in 2016 to mid-winter in 2017 south central North Dakota was inundated by violent anti-pipeline activists.

Those extremists instigated violent conflict with law enforcement. They destroyed property. They harassed pipeline workers and citizens living in the region. All the while their activities were bolstered by Democratic President Barack Obama who refused to close down protests illegally established on federal land and refused to take action to facilitate completion of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

It wasn’t until President Donald Trump took office, and promptly gave final approval to the pipeline, that the protesters finally left (leaving behind untold tons of garbage and human waste).

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