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Rob Port: Public Service Commission says North Dakotans can be charged for green energy policies in other states

The Public Service Commission, in a split decision, recently gave the go-ahead to Xcel Energy to inflate power bills here in North Dakota to recover the cost of building wind energy capacity in compliance with green energy policy in other states.

Commissioner Randy Christmann, who voted no, made it clear why this was a terrible idea. “We should always prioritize the needs of North Dakota citizens over arbitrary political preferences of regulators from outside jurisdictions,” he told my colleague John Hageman.

Christmann is absolutely right. If other states like Minnesota put in place energy mandates which leads to more wind energy, and higher electrical bills, the cost of that policy should go to Minnesotans. Not North Dakotans who have made no such policy choice.

The PSC has been resisting this sort of move from energy companies for years now, but caved this week with commissioners Julie Fedorchak and Brian Kroshus voting in favor of this cost creep.

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