FARGO — In a recent column, Mike McFeely tried to discredit the abortion pill reversal procedure that some medical professionals, lawmakers and citizens have worked to illuminate. In “Federal judge gives N.D. legislature a beatdown,” he applauded Judge Daniel Hovland’s decision to deny vital information to women seeking abortion.

In considering House Bill 1336, Hovland ultimately appeased abortion providers over those wanting women who seek abortion to know they can change their minds after taking one of several abortion pills.

According to Heartbeat International, which operates abortionpillreversal.com for women in this crisis, hundreds of little ones are toddling about this good earth right now because their mothers, in a moment of consternation, took an abortion pill, then, second-guessing themselves, sought help to reverse its detrimental effects – and it worked.

Sadly, McFeely’s column not only supported withholding the information, but degraded those who favor offering it to those it could benefit.

His column lacked not only fact but tact. “Imagine a law requiring doctors to tell their cancer patients that closing their eyes, hopping on one foot and reciting the Lord’s Prayer would reverse their condition,” he remarked.

A friend of mine battling a rare cancer took issue. “As someone who actually has an incurable cancer, his comparison is incredibly offensive and totally inaccurate,” she said, noting that medical science shows that by forgoing the second pill, there’s a 25% chance of pregnancy with a healthy baby. With progesterone treatment, the survival rates jump to 68%, she added, asserting that medical journals have documented this, and, so far, over 700 live births have resulted, including one in our state. “I would happily hop on one leg while saying the Our Father if there was medical proof of that scope for my cancer.”

I can attest to progesterone helping sustain pregnancy; three of my five children might not be here if not for natural progesterone injections following a miscarriage.

Those opposing this important information, like McFeely, might get in their digs, calling, as he did, those promoting the bill “rabid” “ideologues.” But his own stark ideology, displayed throughout his column, can’t undo the joy that mothers who’ve successfully sought the effects of the abortion-pill reversal have experienced. It won’t erase what they feel when the arms of their small children wrap around their necks in a hug, or upon hearing, “I love you, Mommy.”


Truth cannot be suppressed forever, and the babies who live because of progesterone administered after ingesting an abortion pill, along with their heroic mothers, are, and will continue to be, powerful, indisputable witnesses to truth. Read some of their accounts at abortionpillreversal.com.

McFeely concluded by saying he hopes the state ends the discussion surrounding the bill, which he called “sketchy.” But I urge North Dakota lawmakers to stay the course in the pursuit of giving abortion-minded women the full truth. Someday you might meet the lives you saved. To those of us who see the beauty of every human life, you are already heroes.