Some things are just too good to not share. Keeping such a thing to one's self should be viewed as incredibly selfish, depriving the world a taste of the perfect deliciousness that comes only from a recipe concocted over decades of trial, error and eventual revamping to get the proper mix of exquisite flavors.

Such was a letter received by The Forum a few weeks back, which was a follow-up to a similar missive sent to North Dakota State University President Dean Bresciani in August. A copy of the original letter was attached to the letter mailed to the newspaper.

In short, the letters accuse Bresciani of being a Satanist because he flashes the "horns up" gesture in support of Bison athletic teams, with his index and pinky fingers up, middle fingers down and thumb in.

It isn't necessarily a new accusation in terms of the "horns up" sign. It pops up every once in awhile. And certainly there are those in Brookings, S.D., and Cedar Falls, Iowa, who believe NDSU and its football program cut some sort of deal with the devil.

To be clear, the letters are anonymous. They are signed only, "A Christian." The postmark on the envelope sent to The Forum is from Minneapolis. There's the chance, of course, this is a gag from some person with too much time on their hands, looking to see how we respond. If that's the case, I suppose by writing this I'm giving the sender the thrill they're seeking. I can live with that, just this once.

I actually thought the whole thing was a send-up, that the letter to Bresciani attached to the letter to The Forum was a fake, never really mailed to the NDSU president. But a spokesperson for Bresciani confirmed, yes, he received such letter in August. The spokesperson, clearly a killjoy, had no further comment, even under intense questioning to prove with relevant documentation that Bresciani didn't worship the devil.

I mean, the Bison football team never loses and Bresciani still has a job after nearly a decade of legislators, state higher ed board members and some in the media trying to lop off his head and stick it on a pike. Who's to say there wasn't some sort of Faustian bargain, with Bresciani handing over his soul in exchange for a Teflon exterior and a 31-game winning streak?

Would any other football team have a running back go 71 yards for a winning touchdown against its archrival on fourth-and-1 from its own 29-yard line? This is "Rosemary's Baby" stuff.

But I digress.

Without further delay here is the letter sent to Bresciani in August, transcribed in all its glory:

Aug. 19, 2019

Dean Bresciani,

Shame on you. You are either very naive and not a Christian or are fully aware of your actions and therefore a Satanist. Which is it? There is no other choice. I'm not surprised since the vast majority of universities are liberal and tend to frown on anything Christian. Oh, and you are from CA, that makes so much sense now.

It was YOU who came up with the hand gesture to represent Bison horns. It was YOU who promoted and still uses it today, even encouraging it. You are no Christian. If you were, you'd be appalled.

Let me enlighten you. The hand gesture for the Bison you promote is an Occult symbol for Satan, Satan's horns to be precise. Yep. EVERYTIME someone uses it, whether knowingly or unknowingly, they are giving Satan energy. Is that what you're teaching your students, since Christians wouldn't do it if they were aware of its meaning. But, of course, that's the New World Order's agenda. Academia is right in line with it.

The way I see it you only have ONE choice. Announce the error and change the hand gesture. If not, I WILL make it my mission to inform the masses of this demonic and disgraceful gesture. I expect an announcement within the first month of the 2019 football season. If not, let the awareness begin. By the way, don't try to substitute the hand gesture for some other occult symbol. I know them all. To do nothing would solidify your true identity as a Satanist.

Symbolism will be their downfall.

In GOD we trust

A Christian

A few weeks ago, the same writer sent a letter to The Forum urging us to do research about the gestures Bresciani and other NDSU fans use. I did. I found out heavy-metal music and Texas Longhorns football fans also use the sign of the horns.

Here's the follow-up letter:

October 24, 2019


Back in August the attached letter was sent to the Dean of NDSU, Dr. Bresciani. To date there has been no change in the demonic practice that he initiated and his students adopted. DISGUSTING!

How can any Christian knowingly go along with such a practice?

Yes, this is how the Satanic forces are indoctrinating our young and normalizing satanic symbolism but we're too stupid to notice. Look around. The music industry is filled with it from their costumes, props to even their dance movements. They've sold their soul to the devil for materialism and fame. Don't take my word for it. Go online and research for yourself. Some of the shows they put on actually mimic satanic rituals.

So here we have the President of NDSU promoting the devil's horns. Was this an innocent gesture or is he actually a Satanist promoting his religion? Of course, he wouldn't admit to it even if he was. These people hide in plain sight. On the surface they are in every religion but you'll know them by their symbolism. Do your research. Check out if he bears any of the symbolism of the cult. It will be subtle but once you know the symbolism you can't un-see it. You will notice it everywhere.

What makes him not change the devil's horns to something else that can represent a Bison? It can't be that hard to do. Is he even Christian? He must not be if he's okay promoting Satanism. SICK!

These are all questions that the students, faculty and community at large should know about the Dean.

I'm embarrassed to have any association with this college.

A Christian