FARGO — Just in time for the holidays, here’s my gift to you. It’s the latest edition of “Reader Feedback.” It’s my column dedicated to the readers of this column.

Roughly 90% of the comments I receive from emails, Facebook, letters and other columns are wonderful. They include: “As always we love it. Your columns are always well written, food for thought and spot on,” “Love what you stand for in this crazy time,” “I’m so thankful we have you writing for those who don’t feel they have a platform to be heard. What you wrote today and in the past is always on the money,” and “Once again, you get to the heart of the matter, saying out loud what we all have been thinking.”

Thank you all so very much. I am touched and flattered by those heartfelt comments. Now, for those who have a different perspective of my columns, and my responses to them.

  • From Andrew: “The white historical erasure witch hunt is alive and well with loony lefty Mr. Shaw.”

Dear Andrew, It’s too bad white people have never been able to get a break in this country.

  • From Cathie: “I have written to you in the past when you have written something in your column that I totally disagree with. I then stop reading your column for a long time. After reading your column on gay conversion therapy being legalized torture, I felt I had to write again. I respectfully disagree with pretty much everything you write.”

Dear Cathie, Welcome back! Why did you start reading me again? Beyond that, I stand with all the major medical associations and mental health associations that have condemned gay conversion therapy. I also stand with the many victims who have been forced to undergo this bogus therapy and suffered severe damage.

  • From Joe: “The stupid dangerous people won’t give a damn if Jim Shaw wants a new law passed.”

Dear Joe, That explains why they are stupid and dangerous.

  • From Rob (in a column): “Blind partisans like Shaw, apparently fine with injustice as long as its perpetrators are playing for the right team.”

Dear Rob, I judge issues on their merits, not on the political party of the people promoting them. In my columns and radio commentary, I have praised several Republicans and criticized several Democrats. However, I will strive to be as open-minded and compassionate as you are.

  • From Perry: “You’re just a Bolshevik wannabe nutcase.”

Dear Perry, Your message to President Trump was mistakenly sent to me.

  • From Ron: “If you can’t say something nice about somebody, don’t say anything at all.”

Dear Ron, I have nothing to say about you.

Keep those comments coming, and stay tuned for the next edition of “Reader Feedback.”